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Kindling Twilight Series No.13 to No.35

All paintings are inspired from photographs shot with my cell phone. I usually take a few dozen pictures each photo session. I alter the light exposure and the sharpness before snapping each one. I don’t think too much about the colours or composition. At this stage I like to let myself be inspired by what’s around me. The thrill of seeing the sun set, and the yellow park lights begin to glow.


Back in the studio, I scan through the photos and only keep the ones that catch my eye. Sometimes I use photo editing apps to alter to enhance their colours or compositions.


All of my paintings are abstract in the beginning. Using large brushes, a roller and a spray bottle, I cover the entire canvas with acrylic. I let the paint drip down for a few seconds, then flip the canvas upside down and let it drip some more. After they’re partly dried, I use a towel to dab off any excess water and paint. I repeat this process over and over until I’ve reached about six or seven layers. The end result of the abstract phase always appear as brilliant bursts of colours.


Once the canvas is fully dried I begin blocking out the image. Working with transparent paint allows for intriguing texture and depth. Starting with deep orange colour, then moving on to indigo. Then with the help of some white, I lighten the sky closest to the ground; growing darker as my brush move up towards the top of the trees.


Layer after layer, I adjust the contrast and exposure. Turning on the lights one by one. Casting darker shadows upon the trees; blending them into the kindling twilight. 

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