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Will We Ever Talk?Eating Cake & Wearing Sweaters

This exhibition looks at conversations that occur between two people, a granddaughter and her grandmother. It is a narrative that explores the process of remembering, forgetting, and remembering again.

In January of 2015, my grandmother Hilda had a stroke and was unable to recover to her old self. She was unable to communicate and her memory was not very good. Our one-sided conversation was forgotten only five minutes after we had had it, and was surprised and happy to see me once again.

I've always wanted to chat with my grandmother but the time was never right and I regret that. When I paint and draw her, I feel that I'm unpacking the stories for her. Painting and drawing her photographs is a way for me to be able to have that conversation with her - of her past and who she was.

The majority of the images that I use in my work come from forgotten family albums. In my work I use a variety of materials because each photograph is individual - one type of material translate the image differently from another.


The choices that I make in this project are directly related to my relationship with my grandmother. When I show her my paintings she recognizes the image and will have some sort of reaction. In a way, my work is a way for me to have a dialogue with her, to have the conversations we've never had.

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